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We are the IoT Security Test and Evaluation Center

ISTEC was established in 2018 as a state university research center within Istanbul University-Cerrahpaşa.

ISTEC specializes in and focuses on IoT device cyber security, which includes hardware, software, communication, and regulatory compliance testing. Additionally, we are interested in the security of IoT environments (smart vehicles, smart homes, and smart cities), critical infrastructure security, machine learning and artificial intelligence (for cyber security via IDS, IPS, and SIEM), and GDPR compliance of services and products. ISTEC services top Turkish manufacturers of smart home appliances and electronics...

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We are pleased to inform you that ISTEC performs testing in accordance with ETSI Consumer IoT Security (ETSI TS 103 701 and ETSI EN 303 645), TR-TEST Cyber Security Provisions for Consumer IoT, and a variety of specific on-demand cyber security tests.

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Software Security

Web Security, Mobile Application Security, Cloud API Security, Reverse Engineering

Network Security

Wired Network Tests (Communication Protocols and Media), Wireless Network Tests (Wi-Fi, BLE, ZigBee, Lora)

Hardware Security

Physical Port Scan, Serial Bus Sniffing, Side Channel Attack, Reverse Engineering, Component Analyze

Personal Data Analysis and GDPR Compatibility

We evaluate Cyber Security Test Results for Data Protection Regulations.

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